PeeWee Bass Electric Ukulele

This is an electric bass ukulele. Scale length is 22.8″ scale length

Available in your choice of colour and pickgaurds with solid maple neck or wenge, curly maple, birds eye maple fretboards on maple necks.

This instrument is hand built to order so we can customize it to your preferences.

Our instruments are carefully set up with a low action and are ready to rock out of the box.

Ideal for kids and adults of all ages.

Most of the parts are created in-house from scratch, including the bridge control plate, pickups and the neck. The only outsourced parts are the electronics and the machine-heads.

The pick-ups are hand scatter wound and wax potted – i.e. they are soaked in hot bees wax – giving them a distinctive tone with no unwanted feedback. We use Alnico 5 magnets. Also available with a stacked p90 or a double pickup combination of either a single coils, stacked p90 or a combination of the two.

Adjustable saddles.

Hand-carved bone nut.

Padded gig bag included.

The woodwork is hand shaped, sanded and spray painted in-house.

The body measures 9.5″ x 14″ (240mm x 355mm) and is just under 2″ thick. Total length is 32″ (810mm).

Pricing: From $695 with free shipping worldwide.

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