Nguni Tenor Guitar

This is an electric tenor guitar. Scale length is 22.8″. Available in your choice of colour and pickgaurds with solid maple neck and a choice of wenge, curly maple, birds eye maple fretboards on maple necks. Other custom options available on request (including a 19″ baritone scale length neck).

Custom built to your specs so other colours also available.

Comes set up with a comfortable low action, ready to rock out of the box!

Ideal for kids and adults of all ages.

This unique little instrument is created using mostly recycled timber from various species of timber for the body and a maple neck with your choice of plain maple, curly maple, birdseye maple, or wenge fretboards. Many of the parts are created in-house from scratch, eg the bridge control plate, pickups and the neck. The only outsourced parts are the electronics and the machine-heads.

The pick-ups are hand scatter wound and wax potted – meaning they are soaked in hot bees wax – giving them a distinctive tone with no unwanted feedback.

The woodwork is hand-routed, sanded and spray – painted in-house as well.

Adjustable saddles.

35mm hand carved bone nut with 9mm string spacing at the nut.

The body measures 10.3″ x 12.3″ (260mm x 310mm) and is just under 2″ thick (50mm). Total length is 32.5″ (825mm).

The Sound

This is a pure electric solid body tenor guitar with a unique sound that lends itself to being played with over-drive and other standard electric guitar effects.

Strings are regular electric guitar strings. You can use a set of 11’s and add a 13 for a high g or use the fourth string from the set for a low G. You can use thinner strings but the tuning stability becomes less manageable with thinner strings. Thicker strings are also ok. 12’s give a tight feel but 13’s are a bit too stiff. It comes down to personal preference

Pricing: From $595 with free shipping worldwide.

Watch the video of the nguni tenor guitar being played here:

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