Exosphere Electric Ukulele

Exosphere ukulele with triple pickups, 5 way selector with volume and tone controls.

Available in tenor and baritone scales.

Can be ordered with a working brass block tremolo or hardtail.

Available in the colour of your choice with a choice of neck, fretboard and scratchplate.

All our ukuleles come set up with a comfortable low action, ready to rock out of the box.

Burst finishes are made with Alder bodies. Other finishes are available in a selection of timbers, we use the timber most suitable for the finish. Most of the parts are created in-house from scratch, eg the bridge control plate, pickups and the neck. The only outsourced parts are the electronics and the machine-heads.

The pick-ups are hand scatter wound and wax potted using alnico5 magnets- meaning they are soaked in hot bees wax – giving them a distinctive tone with no unwanted feedback.

The woodwork is hand-routed, sanded and spray – painted in-house as well.

Adjustable saddles.

Hand carved 35mm bone nut with 9mm string spacing at the nut.

Padded gig bag included.

The body measures 9.4″ x 13.4″ (240mm x 340mm) and are just under 2″ thick (50mm), total length is 27″ (685mm) for the tenor and 29″ (735mm) for the baritone.

The exosphere is a pure electric solid body ukulele with a unique sound that lends itself to being played with over-drive and other standard electric guitar effects.

Strings are regular electric guitar strings. You can use a set of 11’s and add a 13 for a high g or use the fourth string from the set for a low G. You can use thinner strings but the tuning stability becomes less manageable with thinner strings.

Pricing: From $645 with free worldwide shipping.

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