Deposit to book your custom build Electric Ukulele.


Deposit to book your custom build Electric Ukulele by Fanner

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Deposit to book your Custom Build Electric Ukulele – by Fanner

Scale lengths :

  • Tenor 17″
  • Baritone 19″
  • Baritone 20″
  • Tenor Guitar 22.8″


  • Jazzy Bolt on neck
  • Venetian cut Jazzy
  • Vuke
  • Nguni
  • Essgee
  • PeeWee Bass
  • Ambler
  • Jazzmistress
  • Ocelot
  • Exosphere
  • Parson
  • Pixelator
  • Wisp
  • Le’small
  • Fallabella
  • Kaida

Carefully set up with a comfortable low action and ready to rock out of the box.

Padded Gig Bag included.

We make most of the parts in-house. The only outsourced parts are the electronics and the machine-heads.

The hand scatter wound and wax potted pickups use Alnico V magnets – giving them a distinctive tone with no unwanted feedback.

The woodwork is cnc routed,  hand sanded and spray – painted in-house as well.

Strings are regular electric guitar strings. You can use a set of 11’s and add a 13 for a high g or use the fourth string from the set for a low G. Thinner strings can cause tuning stability to become less manageable. Nonetheless, you can use the middle four strings from a set of 10’s easily enough. Thicker strings are harder to play but can be used if it suits your play style. Twelves’ give a tight feel but thirteen’s are a bit too stiff. It comes down to personal preference.


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