Tin Can Guitar and Ukulele

Oil Can Guitar
Oil Can Guitar

This is a 19 fret 25.5″ scale length oil can or Blik guitar. It has a single coil magnetic pickup and is strung with regular electric or acoustic strings. Volume and tone control. Gig bag included.

Now also available as a ukulele!

The Original South African Oil Can guitar originated in the townships of South Africa. Made from an oil can, wood and thick fishing gut for strings. Frets where fashioned from galvanized wire wrapped around the neck with simple peg tuners.

Fanner ‘blik’ guitars are already owned by such luminaries as:

Sacha Baron Cohen
Adam Sandler
Three Doors Down
Joe Satriani
Drew Shirley
Freshly Ground and moreā€¦

See Freshly Ground playing it in their video Doo Bee Doo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGXit3XJAgE

Listen to one happy owner playing it here:

Made from a real oil can with a hardwood neck, electric strings and coil pick-up, the Fanner Oil Can guitar is a modern take on the original played like a regular guitar

Size: 900 x 180 x 100mm

Pricing : From $395 (Plus $100 shipping worldwide)

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