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PeeWee solid body electric ukulele bass

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The PeeWee is a Solid Body Electric Ukulele Bass with a 22.8″ sclae length, this one is in a lovely arctic white finish.

This is not an instrument for beginners! You need a light touch to get the best from it.

Our bass is tuned to GCFA#, you can tune it higher but going down to EADG will lead to very floppy strings. You can go there but we don’t recommend it, or gaurantee that it will work in that tuning.

TLDR: P90 style Single coil bridge pickup, volume and tone controls. Reclaimed Meranti body with a Curly Maple neck and Wenge fretboard.

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The Body

Hand-crafted from Meranti with an arctic white finish.

Perform with ease and confidence at gigs with strap buttons fitted to every ukulele, providing secure and comfortable playing during standing performances.

The Neck

Unleash your full musical potential with our hand-shaped Figured Curly Maple neck and Wenge fretboard, designed for great playability. Resin bone coloured dot markers make chords easy to place.

No fret buzz thanks to  a meticulously executed fret job, ensuring a smooth and effortless playing experience.

Resonant Hand-carved 35mm Bone Nut.

The Pickups

A single coil P90 style bass bridge pickup, coupled with tone and volume controls, allows for easy control of a wide range of tonal effects from the ukulele itself.

Discover unparalleled tone with pick-ups that are hand scatter wound and treated with the traditional method of wax potting. The hot bees wax soak enhances the distinctive tone and eliminates any unwanted feedback.

Other Stuff

Get ready to shred with this solid body electric Baritone Ukulele, expertly set up with a low action for optimal comfort. This instrument is ready to rock right out of the box, no further adjustments needed.

Craftsmanship is at the forefront of this instrument, with most of the parts, such as the bridge, control plate, pickups, and neck, being carefully crafted in-house from start to finish. The only exceptions are the electronics and machine-heads, which are sourced from outside suppliers.

Experience the ultimate in craftsmanship with hand-finished woodwork, expertly sanded and painted in-house for an authentic vintage finish.

Protect your instrument on the go with the included three-ply padded gig bag.

Further info on the Fanner PeeWee bass ukulele at :

The Sound

Unleash your inner rockstar with this solid electric bass ukulele. This instrument is meant to be played through an amplifier.

We use standard wound round electric bass strings, the 2345 strings from a 5 string set give the best string tension on this very short 22.8″ scale bass ukulele.

Check YouTube for independant reviews and test plays like this one:


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