Ready to Ship! African Mahogany Jazzmistress Baritone Electric Ukulele.


African Mahogany Baritone Jazzmistress electric ukulele. Maple neck and Ebony fretboard.

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Afromosia Jazzmistress Baritone electric ukulele. Scale length 19″.

TLDR: Two P90 pickups, volume and tone controls, phase inversion switch. Maple neck and Ebony fretboard.

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The Neck

Unleash your full musical potential with our hand-shaped Maple neck and Ebony  fretboard, designed for great playability. Resin bone coloured dot markers make chords easy to place.

No fret buzz thanks to  a meticulously executed fret job, ensuring a smooth and effortless playing experience.

Resonant Hand-carved 35mm Bone Nut.

The Body

Hand-crafted from African Mahogany. Finished in Odie’s Oil.

Perform with ease and confidence at gigs with strap buttons fitted to every ukulele, providing secure and comfortable playing during standing performances.

The Pickup

Two Single coil pickups, a 3-way switch coupled with tone and volume controls allow for easy control of a wide range of tonal effects from the ukulele itself.

Single-coil pickups have a brighter and more defined tone, with emphasis on high-end frequencies. This can make them ideal for genres that require a clear, pronounced sound, such as jazz, funk, and pop. They also tend to have a lower output compared to humbuckers, which can result in a cleaner and less saturated tone.

Discover unparalleled tone with pick-ups that are hand scatter wound and treated with the traditional method of wax potting. The hot bees wax soak enhances the distinctive tone and eliminates any unwanted feedback.

Other Stuff

Red Tortoiseshell scratchplate.

Get ready to shred with this baritone semi-hollow body electric ukulele, expertly set up with a low action for optimal comfort. This instrument is ready to rock right out of the box, no further adjustments needed.

Craftsmanship is at the forefront of this instrument, with most of the parts, such as the bridge, control plate, pickups, and neck, being carefully crafted in-house from start to finish. The only exceptions are the electronics and machine-heads, which are sourced from outside suppliers.

Experience the ultimate in craftsmanship with hand-finished woodwork, expertly sanded and oiled for an authentic wood finish.

Protect your instrument on the go with the included three-ply padded gig bag.

The total size is 780 x 275 x 55 mm.

Further info on the Fanner Jazzmistress here:

The Sound

Unleash your inner rockstar with this solid body baritone electric ukulele. Designed to produce a unique sound that thrives with over-drive and other electric guitar effects. This instrument is meant to be played through an amplifier.

You can see a demo of the baritone Jazzmistress here (with a slightly different pickup arrangement) :

Customize your playing experience with the versatility of regular electric guitar strings. Choose from a set of 11’s and add a 13 for a high G or use the fourth string from the set for a low G. While thinner strings offer a lighter feel, thicker strings are recommended for better tuning stability. Experiment with different gauges, 12’s for a tight feel. 13’s are going to be too stiff for most. The choice ultimately comes down to personal preference.


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