Ready to Ship! Lilac Reverse Jazzmistress Solid Body Tenor Electric Ukulele with working brass block tremelo. Padded Gig bag included.


Lilac Reverse Jazzmistress Tenor Electric ukulele

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Lilac Reversed Jazzmistress solid body tenor electric ukulele with Maple neck and fretboard.

TLDR: Twin humbuckers with a coil split push pull volume control and 3 way switch, tremelo.

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The Neck

Unleash your full musical potential with our hand-shaped maple neck and fretboard, designed for unparalleled playability. Ebony dot markers make chords easy to place.

Eliminate the frustration of buzzing with a meticulously executed fret job, ensuring a smooth and effortless playing experience.

Resonant Hand-carved 35mm Bone Nut.

The Body

Handcrafted from reclaimed meranti.

Reclaimed timber is considered to be the best material for guitars due to several reasons:

  • Age: Reclaimed timber has been aging for a long time, often for several decades. This allows it to develop unique tonal characteristics that can add warmth, depth and complexity to the sound of the guitar.
  • Stability: Reclaimed timber is generally more stable than newly cut wood. This reduces the likelihood of warping, twisting or cracking over time. Ensuring that the guitar retains its sound quality and playability for years to come.
  • Character: Reclaimed timber often has a rich history and unique character that is imparted in the grain and texture of the wood, giving the guitar a distinctive look and feel.
  • Environmental responsibility: Reclaiming timber from old buildings and other structures helps to reduce waste and preserve resources, making it an environmentally responsible choice for guitar makers.

Overall, the combination of stability, character and environmental responsibility make reclaimed timber an ideal choice for high-quality guitar building.

Perform with ease and confidence at gigs with strap buttons fitted to every ukulele, providing secure and comfortable playing during standing performances.

The Pickups

Two humbucker pickups fitted. They are called “humbuckers” because they use two coils of wire to cancel out the hum, or background noise, that can sometimes be heard with single-coil pickups. Humbuckers have a thicker, more balanced tone compared to single-coil pickups, making them ideal for genres of music that require a more full and aggressive sound, such as rock, blues, and heavy metal.

A coil split push/pull knob with a three-way selector switch and volume control, allowing for easy control of a wide range of tonal effects from the ukulele itself, is provided. The Humbuckers can be used as Single coils if desired due to the coil split.

Single-coil pickups have a brighter and more defined tone compared to humbuckers, with more emphasis on high-end frequencies. This can make them ideal for genres that require a clearer, more pronounced sound, such as jazz, funk, and pop. They also tend to have a lower output compared to humbuckers, which can result in a cleaner and less saturated tone. Making them well-suited for bluesy or jazzy playing styles where a lot of dynamics and touch are used.

The coil splt gives you both options.

Discover unparalleled tone with pick-ups that are hand scatter wound and treated with the traditional method of wax potting. The hot bees wax soak enhances the distinctive tone and eliminates any unwanted feedback.

The Tremelo

Fitted with a rugged, brass block tremolo that allows you to quickly and easily vary the pitch of notes or chords by changing the tension of the strings. There are several advantages to having a tremolo on a guitar:

  • Expression: The tremolo allows the guitarist to add expressive elements to their playing, such as vibrato, or to create unique sound effects by rapidly changing the pitch of the strings.
  • Creativity: The tremolo opens up new creative possibilities for the player, such as creating unique textures or adding depth to their sound.
  • Versatility: The tremolo can be used in a variety of musical styles, from rock and metal to blues and jazz. It’s especially popular in genres that require a lot of expression and dynamic control.

Other Stuff

Fitted with a classic Black/White/Black laminated scratchplate.

We use authentic Nitro-cellulose paint, so it feels like a classic, and will wear like one too.

Get ready to shred with this solid body tenor electric ukulele, expertly set up with a low action for optimal comfort. This instrument is ready to rock right out of the box, no further adjustments needed.

Craftsmanship is at the forefront of this instrument, with most of the parts, such as the bridge, control plate, pickups, and neck, being carefully crafted in-house from start to finish. The only exceptions are the electronics and machine-heads, which are sourced from outside suppliers.

Experience the ultimate in craftsmanship with hand-finished woodwork, expertly sanded and painted in-house for an authentic vintage finish.

The total size is 780 x 275 x 55 mm.

Protect your instrument on the go with the included three-ply padded gig bag.

Further info on the Fanner Jazzmistress here:

The Sound

Unleash your inner rockstar with this solid body tenor electric ukulele. Designed to produce a unique sound that thrives with over-drive and other electric guitar effects. For optimal performance, this instrument is meant to be played through a guitar amplifier.

You can listen to the Jazzmistress here:

Customize your playing experience with the versatility of regular electric guitar strings. Choose from a set of 11’s and add a 13 for a high G or use the fourth string from the set for a low G. While thinner strings offer a lighter feel, thicker strings are recommended for better tuning stability. Experiment with different gauges, 12’s for a tight feel. 13’s are going to be too stiff for most. The choice ultimately comes down to personal preference.


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