Lap Steel Ukulele – by Fanner


Lap Slide ukulele by Fanner.

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This Electric Lap Steel Ukulele is one of only 3 made by Fanner.

TLDR: P90 style pickup, volume and tone controls.

Hand-crafted from reclaimed timber in a traditional Matte Crinkle Ivory finish.

The Pickup

Fitted with a custom wound P90 style pickup similar to the P90’s used in 50’s Lap Steels

Discover unparalleled tone with pick-ups that are hand scatter wound and treated with the traditional method of wax potting. The hot bees wax soak enhances the distinctive tone and eliminates any unwanted feedback.

Other Stuff

Expertly set up, this lap steel ukulele is ready to play right out of the box, no further adjustments needed.

Craftsmanship is at the forefront of this instrument, with most of the parts, such as the bridge, control plate, pickups, and neck, being carefully crafted in-house from start to finish. The only exceptions are the electronics and machine-heads, which are sourced from outside suppliers.

Experience the ultimate in craftsmanship with hand-finished woodwork, expertly sanded and painted in-house for an authentic vintage finish.

Protect your instrument on the go with the included three-ply padded gig bag.

Customize your playing experience with the versatility of regular electric guitar strings. Choose from a set of 11’s and add a 13 for a high G or use the fourth string from the set for a low G. While thinner strings offer a lighter feel, thicker strings are recommended for better tuning stability. Experiment with different gauges, 12’s for a tight feel. 13’s are going to be too stiff for most. The choice ultimately comes down to personal preference.


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