Jazzy Tenor Electric Ukulele with Flame Maple Top – Ready to ship


Jazzy – tenor with Flame Maple semi-hollow body electric ukulele. 17″ scale length.

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Jazzy – Tenor 17″ scale. Flame maple semi-hollow body electric ukulele. 17″ scale length. Two P90 pickups with black covers.

Flame Maple top in clear gloss. African Mahogany body and African Mahogany neck with black headstock. Wenge fretboard and white dot markers.

Skip the queue, it’s ready to ship!

Sale price due to slightly offcenter midline on the top.

Can be fitted with a scratchplate of your choice.

Single P90 pickup.

Volume and tone knobs. Polished 304 stainless steel hardware.

Carefully set up with a low action and ready to rock out of the box!

Most parts are created in-house from scratch, including the bridge control plate, pickup and the neck. The only outsourced parts are the electronics and the machine-heads.

The pick-up is hand scatter wound and wax potted – i.e. soaked in hot bees wax – giving it a distinctive tone with no unwanted feedback. We use Alnico 5 magnets.

Hand-carved bone nut and Ebony/bone bridge and saddle.

This instrument uses regular electric guitar strings.

Padded gig bag included.

The woodwork is hand-routed, sanded and spray painted in-house.

More about the Jazzy Semi-Hollow Electric Ukulele here:

The Sound

This is an electric solid body ukulele with a unique sound, ideal for over-drive and other standard electric guitar effects.

Strings are regular electric guitar strings. You can use a set of 11’s and add a 13 for a high g or use the fourth string from the set for a low G. Thinner strings can cause tuning stability to become less manageable. Nonetheless, you can use the middle four strings from a set of 10’s easily enough. Thicker strings are harder to play but can be used if it suits your play style. Twelves’ give a tight feel but thirteen’s are a bit too stiff. It comes down to personal preference.

You can hear the Tenor Jazzy in action here:



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